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About The Hudson Highlands
The Hudson Highlands – a small region rich in natural beauty, history and culture – lies just north of New York City and is the gateway to the Hudson Valley. Geographically, it runs from eastern Pennsylvania through NJ and NY to northwestern Connecticut, linking the Berkshires and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Garrison lies on the stretch of 20 miles that follows the path of the Hudson River, acknowledged as one of the most impressive pieces of river scenery in America. (click here to go directly to "THINGS TO SEE" section)

Its place in American history dates back to the Revolution, when the Highlands was the pivotal area for General George Washington’s plans to defend our coastline against the British; later, his fortress on the western banks became the US military academy of West Point. The Hudson Highlands also gave birth to the Hudson River School of painters, whose aesthetic vision was influenced by the mid-19th Century Romantic period and who immortalized the Highlands landscape on canvas. Home to the rich and powerful families of the Industrial era whose names include Harriman and Perkins, during the second half of the 20th century the Highlands became a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and environmentalists who have created organizations like the Hudson Highlands Land Trust, the Open Space Institute and River-Keeper to ensure that this special region retains its inherent beauty for future generations.

The Highlands is also part of the rich agricultural farmlands of the Hudson Valley and is home to many small to medium sized farms. During the warmer months, farmers markets dot the countryside, offering farm-to-table offerings of just picked herbs, fruit and vegetables as well as artisan cheese, milk, yogurts and breads.


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